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elder abuse attorneyNew legislation promises to help people in California and other states by funding efforts to prevent elder abuse and other unfortunate situations for America’s seniors. A January 2011 story from New American Media introduces the Elder Justice Act and the Patient Safety and Abuse Prevention Act as new bills that will help the federal government give states like California millions of dollars in funding for making sure that seniors in the state are not subject to different types of abuse from caregivers or others.

California officials intend to make the most of this legislation. Resources from the California Elder Justice Workshop show that ongoing efforts by state groups will hopefully yield a lot more money to assist in preventing the emotional, physical and financial abuse from which Southern California seniors suffer on a regular basis.

In today’s world, old age can be a trying time for individuals who sometimes require protection from a variety of threats. Unscrupulous businesses often seek to prey on the declining mental or physical state of seniors. Likewise, those responsible for the care of a senior citizen may not always have that person’s best interests at heart.

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