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Elder abuse in nursing homes is prevalent and occurs at an alarming rate of 24.3 percent of the time. However, the numbers are not as accurate as they should be because there are significant flaws in the method of collecting the data. In other words, elder abuse in nursing homes is not reported as often as it happens. But just because the abuse is not reported, it does not mean it does not happen.

Nursing abuse attorney-Samer HabbasIf you or a loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, you should contact an Orange County nursing home abuse lawyer as you may be entitled to financial compensation. Although filing a lawsuit will not turn back time and make the abuse go away, it will help bring a sense of closure for the victim.

Reasons For Lack of Reporting Elder Abuse

There are many reasons why elder abuse in nursing homes is not reported, including:

  1. The nursing home staff is the main culprit for the abuse.
  2. Family members may feel responsible since they are the ones who admitted their loved one to the facility where the abuse occurred.
  3. The elderly victims are not capable of reporting the abuse themselves.
  4. The elderly victims falsely believe they are at fault for getting abused.

Whatever the reason is for failing to report the nursing home abuse of elders, allowing the abusers to continue at their jobs puts more innocent victims at risk in nursing homes.

We Can Help

If you have experienced any type of abuse or negligence by a funeral home service provider, you should contact an Orange County funeral home abuse lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Samer Habbas, we believe the elderly deserve as much respect as the living.

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