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Train Accident Attorneys CAA Los Angeles Times article published in late September reports that Metrolink’s official record of train accidents, injuries and deaths is incomplete and inaccurate due to inconsistencies mostly hidden from view. Their records make train operations in and around the Los Angeles area appear to be safer and less dangerous than they are. The records indicate that only four of every ten fatal train accidents were reported to the Federal Railroad Administration that posts the information on its website. A thorough examination of Metrolink’s records showed that at least 117 Metrolink pedestrian deaths and 6 vehicle deaths do not appear in the FRA’s records.

The FRA requires train operators to file reports for a wide range of events, such as accidents at grade crossings, accidents that result in damage to railroad equipment and train accidents that result in a loss of life with the notable exception of train accidents that are ruled as suicides. The Times also found that electronic files of Southern California’s rail system downloaded from the FRA’s Web site are riddled with errors-such as hundreds of rail crossings that are far from any railroad tracks. In more than 100 cases, Metrolink records had differing dates, times or victim names for what appeared to be the same train accident.

Train accidents involving pedestrians, vehicles and other trains appear to be happening with increasing frequency in Southern California and when they occur, they can change the course of a life forever. Orange County train accident attorney Samer Habbas has been helping train accident victims for many years and has the experience and resources to hold Metrolink and other train operators accountable for their negligence. Call the Law Offices of Los Angeles accident lawyer Samer Habbas today to schedule a free consultation if you have been a victim or a train accident or have lost a loved one in a train accident.