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When you are talking about the pain you are in because of your injury, whether privately to your Orange County personal injury attorney or in trial to a judge, you need to be able to describe your pain specifically. This can be difficult to do, but there are generally recognized “levels” of pain that your attorney and the judge will be able to recognize.

personal injury attorneyThe first level is mild pain. When you describe your pain is mild, you are describing both its intensity and its frequency. Mild pain may not be aggravated by non-strenuous daily activities, such as washing dishes. If it is aggravated by such activities, the pain does not ever become severe enough to force you to stop. Your life and activities are generally unaffected by the pain, and you do not have to change your routine to accommodate it.

Mild pain only approaches the severity of the other levels when overextending limbs or moving in an exaggerated manner. You might respond to mild pain with moaning, some limping, or some change in facial expression like a grimace.

The second level is moderate pain. Again when you describe your pain as moderate, it is assumed you are referring to both its intensity and its frequency. If only either the intensity or the frequency is moderate, you should say so. Moderate pain requires extended medical attention and often necessitates medication. It may also require medication.

An experienced Orange County personal injury attorney can explain to you in depth how to use these levels when communicating with the judge. Call Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today for a free initial consultation.