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Personal injury attorney lawyerAs your Orange County personal injury attorney works to recover damages in your case, he must consider all of the factors surrounding your injury that might affect the value of your case. These factors include the emotional and economic ramifications of your injury, such as the following:

  • Has the injury affected your ability to maintain relationships with others?
  • Have you resorted to substance abuse as a result of your injury?
  • Has your injury affect your marriage in any way?
  • Has your life expectancy been shortened as a result of your injury? By how much?
  • Could a doctor testify about how your life expectancy has been shortened?
  • What is the economic loss your family is likely to suffer because of your shortened life expectancy?
  • Could an economist testify about this expected economic loss?
  • How much has your injury incurred in medical expenses?
  • How much is your injury likely to incur in the future?
  • Can expert testify as to these future expenses?
  • What exactly do these medical expenses comprise?
  • Did your injury require your family to hire a home nurse or purchase specialized medical equipment?
  • How long will you require these special accommodations?
  • Has your injury affected your relationship with your children?
  • Are you in a jurisdiction that would recognize a loss of consortium claim based on your relationship with your children?
  • Have you sustained any property damage from the accident that caused your injury?
  • Could you get an expert to put a dollar amount on this property damage while testifying?
  • Will your injury have any lasting effect on your earning potential?
  • Has your injury denied you opportunities for advancing in your career?
  • Has your injury necessitated retraining in order to stay employable?

Many of these questions will be asked of your during your initial interview, and the answers will help an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney get you the money you deserve. Call today for a free initial consultation with dedicated Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas.