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Personal Injury attorneyCalifornia’s tenant law is intended to protect renters from being taken advantage ofby unscrupulous property owners. When someone rents a place to live from another person, without signing any documentation, both sides enter into a social contract of sorts. One is obliged to pay the agreed-upon figure each month to live there and the other is obliged to provide a safe place to live. However, these agreements don’t always work as intended and a property owner might begin the eviction process. Here are some of a tenant’s rights in the eviction process under the law:

  • Civil Code 789.3 prevents a property owner from locking a tenant out, removing the tenant’s property, removing doors or windows and turning off utilities to get a tenant to leave. If this occurs, the property owner is liable for the actual costs and $100 for each day that it continues.
  • A property owner cannot have law enforcement officials arrest a tenant in lieu of going to court. A sheriff’s deputy may serve eviction papers, but any other measures are determined by the court.
  • Civil Code 1940.2 prohibits a property owner from entering a tenant’s home and beginning renovations that make it impossible for the tenant to live there or interfere with the tenant’s quiet enjoyment. If this happens, the property owner is liable for each attempt to do this and liable for the tenant’s losses.
  • Civil Code 1940.2 prohibits a property owner from making any threats to persuade a tenant to move out such as threatening to report them to the police or the immigration authorities. If this happens, the property owner is liable for any of the tenant’s losses and $2000 for each attempt.

If you or someone you care for is having a dispute with a property owner and you have questions about your options and rights as a tenant, call the Irvine Personal Injury Attorneys at the Law Offices of Samer Habbas today.

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