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Once you’ve decided to file a personal injury claim, it is important to understand how insurance adjusters and claims offices work. Your Orange County personal injury attorney can prepare you for what to expect once you start the claims process.

Personal injury attorney LawyerIt is important to note that not every office of a claims adjuster runs the same way. Several factors can sway the way each company works, including its size, geographic location, and corporate vision. There are major differences between larger national insurance carriers and smaller companies.

Larger companies usually deal with small to medium cases conservatively. Their success rate in trying these types of cases is very high, and even if they do lose, the cost may be too minimal to register as a concern.

Generally, the smaller companies are more reasonable. Although they don’t award money carelessly, they are often more agreeable to deal with.

There is a distinct hierarchy in national claims offices. The larger companies often have a claims manager run the office. This person has likely been an employee for many years and is extremely loyal to his company. His job is to pay close attention to settlements, practices, and litigation within each individual office. Claims managers often have a great amount of authority on small- to medium-size cases.

Claims supervisors report to the claims managers directly and supervise their own staff (adjusters, claims technicians, etc.). They do not have the same authority as claims managers and are often closely monitored at each office.

When dealing with smaller, local carriers, the claims manager may only report to one or two executives within the company. Claims managers often have even more authority here because smaller companies often employ a fewer amount of claims adjusters.

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