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Sometimes, the greatest advantage your personal injury attorney can have when securing a settlement for you is knowledge of the insurance company and the adjuster handling your case. Here are just a few ways a little research on the part of your lawyer can pay off.

Personal injury attorney lawyerYour Orange County personal injury attorney may adapt his negotiation strategy if he is familiar with the defense firm retained by your insurance carrier. Some defense firms are easier to deal with, and such firms tend to be retained by more reasonable carriers. Other firms have reputations for being harder to negotiate with and tend to be retained by employers who are less likely to cooperate in the settlement process. Sometimes, a personal injury attorney can get a sense of how likely a particular insurance carrier is to settle by looking at which defense firm it retains.

Your attorney may use his information to build a rapport with the insurance adjuster. Establishing trust with the opposing party can lead to more cooperative negotiations, which can save both parties time and trouble. While respecting the adjuster’s privacy, your attorney might make a small effort to the personal interests and personal life of the adjuster and then take the time to ask the adjuster about her hobbies or her family life in order to build rapport. Taking small breaks from a business talk in order to simply connect with the adjuster as a person can result in a faster settlement for you.

Your attorney must also avoid putting pressure on the wrong people when responding to a low settlement offer. Insurance companies are highly bureaucratic entities and putting pressure on someone who is personal powerless to adjust a low settlement offer is not productive and may make things harder in the long run. With a little knowledge of the adjuster’s place in the totem pole, your attorney can avoid wasting his time asking the adjuster for things that the adjuster can’t realistically provide.

An experienced Orange County personal injury attorney uses anything at his disposal to get his clients the settlements they deserve. Call the law office of Samer Habbas today for a free initial consultation.