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Personal injury attorney lawyerWhile many claimants assume that the value of their personal injury claims depends simply on the severity of their injuries, any Orange County personal injury attorney will tell you that this is simply not the case. Other factors can and do affect the amount of money you can expect to see from a settlement. When you meet with your Orange County personal injury attorney, he will go over some of these factors and what you can do about them.

The first major factor that will affect the value of your personal injury claim is the role of your own negligence in your accident. If the adjuster suspects that a substantial amount of the fault for your injury falls on you, your personal injury attorney can expect resistance when negotiating a settlement.

Your personal injury attorney may respond by retaining a forensic expert or accident reconstruction expert to provide a report as to the question of liability. Such a report may help convince the insurance adjuster that his suspicions have little merit.

Another outside factor may be the other party’s trial history. If the party that caused your injuries has been involved in a substantial number of settlements in cases similar to yours, the insurance adjuster may recognize that he is on shaky ground in the negotiations. This is especially the case if the other party’s legal troubles have been in the media.

The trial history of your attorney will also play a big part in the value of your personal injury claim. An experienced Orange County personal injury attorney who has won large settlements in the past will typically be able to continue netting large settlements for his clients because of his reputation.

Lastly, the value of your personal injury claim can be affected by the settlements in cases similar to yours. Both your attorney and the insurance company will research similar cases, using published reports of individual cases and statistical information and software from attorney services like Jury Verdict Research, Inc. to determine a reasonable settlement range.

In any case, you will need an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney to maximize your settlement. Call Samer Habbas today for a free initial consultation.