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Wrongful death AttorneyHere are some more factors that Orange County wrongful death lawyers may consider in calculating a person’s lost earning capacity:

1. Geographic Area. Earnings vary by the geographic area in which a person lives. People in the Pacific Northwest tend to make more than people in the Southeast, for example.

2. Education. The relationship between education and earnings is probably the most well-established. The average earnings of any group of people tends to rise based on years of schooling completed and degrees obtained.

3. Mobility. A person who is more willing to move great distances to take advantage of career opportunities will, on average, earn more than someone who is not as willing to relocate.

4. Number of Dependents. This factor doesn’t affect earnings per se, but a person with a large number of dependents will have a lower personal consumption than a single person or someone living in a two-person household. Since personal consumption is deducted from expected lifetime earnings, the amount available for recovery is greater for someone with more children.

There are surely countless other factors that affect a person’s earning capacity-character and ambition, to name a couple. However, these are mostly subjective judgments, and are not easily quantified and plugged into equations. Therefore, an appraisal of lost earning capacity will assume average health, work habits, etc.

If you have lost a loved one due to a third party’s negligence or intentional act, you might be able to receive financial help. Please contact Orange County wrongful death attorney Samer Habbas at (888) 848-5084 for a free case evaluation.

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