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The lives of your loved ones are invaluable. Despite this, wrongful death claims require placing a dollar amount on the financial and emotional losses incurred by the death. An Orange County personal injury attorney will explain in this article several of the factors that can affect the value of the wrongful death claims.

Lost Wages

Wrongful death AttorneyIf the deceased was the primary source of income for his household, a large part of determining the value of a wrongful death claim is determining how much the deceased would have earned during his lifetime. This determination involves not only looking at the deceased’s current wages, but also his probably future wages. These are usually determined by looking at the deceased’s promotion history, as well as salary trends within his industry.

If the deceased was a recent graduate with no wage history, vocational experts may be needed to testify as to what wages the graduate probably would have earned with his skills.

Funeral Costs

Funeral costs are not as important a factor as lost wages, but they are still included in claim valuation.

Loss of Consortium

A majority of a wrongful death claim is intended to cover emotional damages and the loss of companionship and affection that the deceased provided to his family members.


As with personal injury claims, the valuation of wrongful death claims is heavily dependent on the strength of the evidence that the insured is responsible for the deceased’s death.

An experience Orange County personal injury attorney is vital to getting what your family deserves on a wrongful death claim. Call Samer Habbas today for a free initial consultation.