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personal injury attorneyWhen you have suffered serious injuries in an accident, the damage can go far beyond physical pain and suffering. Amongst other lingering effects, you may incur a loss of wages, loss of independence, feelings of depression, and even suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. As a victim of a personal injury, it can be difficult handling the overwhelming legal process when you are hurt, in pain and are attempting to pay your medical bills, therapy bills and simply move forward with your life.

In some cases, the liable party’s insurance carrier may opt to make an offer of a financial settlement in an effort to quickly resolve the claim. Although you may be tempted to simply accept the insurance check and close this chapter of your life, it is very important to understand all of your options before you agree to accept the settlement offer. It may be in your best interest to consult with an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney before taking any offer.

Impact of Accepting a Settlement Offer

As soon as you accept the insurance settlement from your personal injury, you will close your case and be forever barred from seeking additional compensation should you require additional medical care, therapeutic rehabilitation, in home care or incur other expenses resulting from your accident or injury.

Accepting a quick settlement may be appropriate in a case where injuries are minor. However, if you have suffered major injuries or have been involved in a major accident, accepting a quick settlement offer could cause major financial hardship in the future.

Impact of Rejecting a Settlement Offer

You have the option of rejecting the insurance company’s settlement offer and making a counteroffer. In so doing, you should provide the adjuster with the reasons why you believe your costs associated with the injury are higher than their offer and back it with any documentation you have. Such documentation should include medical records, medical costs, recovery timeline in relation to your loss of income, and any other costs associated with your injury.

If the insurance adjuster rejects your counter offer, you have the option of filing a lawsuit and proceeding to trial. If you decide to take this route, it is imperative that you make sure that you have a strong, experienced attorney on your side.

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