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There are a number of things a claimant does that can raise the suspicion of claims adjusters and make them difficult to negotiate with. If you do any of these things, even for completely legitimate reasons, you and your Irvine personal injury attorney can expect resistance while negotiating a settlement.

Personal injury lawyer-Samer HabbasOne such action that can make claims adjusters difficult is hiring a personal injury attorney immediately after the accident. Claims adjusters usually expect to have an opportunity to deal directly with the claimant, and after a personal injury attorney is retained, the adjuster can only deal with the claimant through the attorney. Therefore, even when the claimant has a completely reasonable motivation for quickly hiring an attorney, claims adjusters tend to view hearing from an attorney the day of or the day after an accident as a warning sign of a fraudulent claim.

In addition, adjusters tend to be very suspicious of claimants who appear overly familiar with the claims process. The cases of claimants who have previously been involved in other personal injury lawsuits will always receive a lot of scrutiny. An extensive claims history often does indicate fraud, but if you have a long history of entirely legitimate claims, your personal injury attorney must work that much harder to get you a settlement.

These factors in and of themselves do not mean that you do not deserve settlement, but they do mean that you will need an experienced personal injury attorney to get the settlement you deserve. Call Irvine personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today for a free consultation.