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Insurance Claims LawyerInsurance adjusters will look for any evidence they can use to discredit your personal injury claim and gain the upper hand when negotiating a settlement. There are some common factors that most adjusters will look at, and if there are any discrepancies with them, your Orange County personal injury attorney must be prepared to explain them.

One of these factors is the time between when you were injured and when you reported that injury. If you waited a significant amount of time to report your injury, the adjuster may try to spin this as evidence that your injury is not severe or is perhaps nonexistent. Did you tell the officer or witnesses about your injury at the scene of the accident? If not, you must have an explanation.

Another factor that will cause you problems with the insurance adjusters is the failure of your medical records to mention your accident. If your medical records do not mention your accident when discussing your injury, or worse, suggests a different cause for your injury, the insurance adjusters will be reluctant to pay.

Finally, if you have made a lot of insurance claims or were involved with multiple lawsuits in the past, the adjuster may suspect you of being a serial claimant and suspect you of fraud. The adjuster may stall negotiations while your case is forwarded to a fraud investigation department.

Even if any of these factors apply to your case, we understand that they do not contain the full story. An experienced Orange County personal injury attorney can minimize these factors and explain them away. Don’t let circumstances that may have been beyond your control deprive you of the settlement you deserve. Call dedicated Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today for a free consultation.