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Personal-Injury-ClaimsRecent news reports from Los Angeles show that two young children fell from a third story housing unit while watching a large fire that threatened the Chatsworth community on Oct. 29. Chatsworth is a mixed-use Los Angeles suburb in the San Fernando Valley. A nearby conflagration drew the interest of the 3 year old and 18 month old toddlers, according to KTLA news, and both fell from the third floor window. Reports indicate one child was critically wounded, the other only superficially injured, and that both are recovering.

Incidents like this often lead personal injury law attorneys to look at whether proper safety equipment and safeguards were in place at the time of the incident. Although children must be supervised at all times, there’s also a legal responsibility on the part of landlords and property management companies, for example, to provide screening for windows, railings on terraces, and other reasonable safety gear in rental housing units. The mitigating circumstances, in this case a fire in a residential area, contributed to the incident, but when events like this strike a family, it can be hard to pin down exactly what factors are relevant to a personal injury claim. That’s why Southern California families rely on skilled Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who can draw a clear line from an accident or injury to the responsibilities of a third party.

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