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Dog bite cases continue to plague Orange County residents. They are often related to special “attack breeds” of dogs such as pit bulls. Home insurance estimates show that pit bulls are a popular breed in Orange County and other areas of Southern California. Although these breeds can be competent guard dogs, some tragic cases underscore the need for additional safety measures.

Belgian Shepherd biting a body bite suit against white backgroundKTLA, a local news venue reporting events out of Orange County and adjacent regions, has identified a recent case involving a homeowner mauled to death by two pit bull dogs. In this case, the woman had been in the process of moving out of her home when the fatal attack occurred. The two dogs involved in the mauling had gained access to her property through a fence, according to official reports.

This kind of case shows that the owners of pit bulls and similar breeds need to provide special care and consideration to protect their neighbors. The California Civil Code 3342.5 demonstrates the responsibilities of dog owners under stringent local laws designed to protect the population. Many dog owners are aware of the laws that apply to them, and they observe them. However, there are numerous others who disregard their responsibilities and instead choose to endanger the people around them.

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