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Initial police reports on the discovered body of a missing hiker typify the kind of situation where vague details can leave open the possibility of a wrongful death scenario.

Wrongful death AttorneyAccording to local news reports, police found the body of 56-year-old Sally Menke on September 28 in Griffin Park, a local green area in Los Angeles near Glendale. Menke is known for editing credits on several of the popular Quentin Tarantino film productions.Reports indicate the L.A. coroner’s office is identifying heat stroke as the probable cause of death and that Menke had her dog and her cell phone with her on the hike.

As law enforcement officials look at what could have happened in Griffith Park, there is still the possibility of a changing theory in this case. A death that occurred out of sight of witnesses can turn into a complex case, and many families are reluctant to simply accept the initial reports from the coroner about what happened to a loved one.

When families are dealing with this kind of fatality, they often rely on professional personal injury and wrongful death lawyers to help investigate whether any third parties had liability in the death. An attorney can help clarify the facts of a case and present clients with their options for pursuing a wrongful death claim.

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