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During the first interview regarding a mental or emotional injury case, your Irvine personal injury attorney will need a great deal of biographical information before he can begin constructing your case. He will need to know about your life experiences previous to your injury.

Specifically, it is very important for your attorney to get a strong sense of how you have functioned in your professional and personal life, and how your emotional and mental traumas have affected that.

If you have experienced trauma as a child, it may be possible that your more recent trauma may have triggered a relapse. If you have been functioned well in your adult life despite your childhood trauma up until the incident in question, your Irvine personal injury attorney can build a much stronger case that the most recent trauma was indeed the cause of your current suffering.

You will also need to tell your attorney about any potentially stressful life changes that occurred in the year or so before the trauma. A common defense in mental/emotional injury cases involves trying to claim that other events in the plaintiff’s life were the real causes of the injury. Your attorney needs to be able to counter these objections in order to give your case a good chance for success.

You deserve compensation for your mental and emotional injuries, and with the aide of an experienced Irvine personal injury attorney, you may be able to get it get it. Call the law office of Samer Habbas today at 888-848-5084 for a free initial consultation.