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Personal injury lawyer-Samer habbasWhether or not you hire an Orange County personal injury lawyer, it is good to know a little bit about how an insurance company investigates a claim.When an adjuster contacts you and wants to take down your statement, it’s important to understand what this means and what the adjuster’s goals are.

Signed Statement
When obtaining a signed statement, the adjuster meets with you in person. The adjuster asks you questions about the accident and writes your answers as if you are writing the statement yourself. At the end of the conversation, the adjuster has you read the statement, make any corrections to it, and then sign at the bottom of each page of the statement.

You should ask for a copy of the statement at the time you are signing it because it may be difficult to get a copy if you request one after the fact.

Getting a signed statement used to be the more common way to get a statement, but increasingly, adjusters are relying on recorded statements.

Recorded Statement
When obtaining a recorded statement, the adjuster asks your permission to use a recording device (such as a cassette recorder) to record your statement, either in person or on the phone. Later, the adjuster will write a summary of your statement and include it with the recording in your file. Occasionally, your recorded statement will be transcribed word for word.

Adjuster’s Role and Goals
The duties of an adjuster are to get the facts of the accident and investigate the claim. Adjusters must do this in a time-efficient manner. Over the past several decades, there has been a shift from signed statements to recorded statements. Insurance companies tend to favor recorded statements now because they don’t take as long to obtain as a written statement, and the adjuster can get your claim over the phone rather than in person. Some adjusters think that recorded statements are not as reliable and thorough as signed statements; accordingly, they regret the trend in the industry towards using recorded statements.

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