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Personal injury attorneyYour trial is over and the jury has rendered its verdict. You are probably now wondering what happens next and when you will get your money. If your case was clear on liability (meaning that it was clear under the law that the defendant was at fault) and the trial went well then you probably won.

Unfortunately, even if the jury ruled in your favor, the case may not necessarily be over. The defendant may or may not decide to appeal the verdict. If the defendant has decided to appeal the verdict, your Orange County personal injury lawyer will discuss with you what happens during the appeal process. If the defendant has decided not to appeal the verdict, then your Orange County personal injury lawyer and the defense attorney will work out the final figures with respect to the verdict, interest, court costs, deductions, and attorney’s fees. ┬áIt usually takes a few weeks to a month to work out the results, so be patient while the attorneys finalize everything.

If the jury ruled against you, all is not necessarily lost. Your Orange County personal injury lawyer will discuss with you whether your case should be appealed. Keep in mind that not all cases are appropriate for appeal, and appeal is usually a very expensive process.

If you have lost, there is a very slim chance that the insurance company may be willing to offer a nominal settlement in exchange for your agreement not to appeal the verdict. This is very rare, so it is best to focus on winning your case at trial. If you have any questions about your DUI arrest, call Samer Habbas for a consultation.