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Motorbike Accident LawyerThose who are using bicycles or motorcycles to get around in heavy traffic know that they are at an inherent disadvantage. With energy concerns and more focus on physical exercise for health, more Americans are getting on the road with human-powered vehicles like bicycles. Many of them understand that they are taking a risk for the sake of traveling leaner and greener. Likewise, motorcyclists who like to ride free on two wheels take on additional risk when they enjoy their hobby.

Statistics for 2009 from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reveal more about the risks for motorcyclists, bicyclists and other two-wheeled riders. To some, the fact that less than two percent of deaths resulting from motor vehicle crashes were bicyclists makes for feeling better about these small, fragile vehicles. However, the fact is that motorcycle and bicycle riders are a minority on the road. Some positive notes include the IIHS assertion that helmets can lower risks of injury by much more than 50 percent. The institute contends that up to 85 percent of head injury risks will not happen when motorcycle or bicycle riders use helmets.

Even with safety gear like helmets, motorcycle riders need to be aware of the dangers they face. Not all motorists are good at recognizing people on motorcycles or bicycles, and it’s always important for cyclists to drive defensively.

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