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An Orange County bicyclist underwent treatment at a local hospital for head injuries after an August 28 hit and run accident. The Orange County Register reported that the accident happened near the corner of Seal Beach Boulevard and Bradbury Road, in the area around the Rossmoor Shopping Center. At the time of the report, the victim, a male in his mid-20s, was still under evaluation for trauma to the head.

Brain Injury attorney LawyerA traumatic brain injury (TBI) can change the course of a life in an instant. This injury generally has three treatment phases. The first phase is acute treatment. Acute treatment encompasses the immediate treatment following the injury where medical personnel monitor and treat the swelling in the brain. The second phase is subacute treatment. Subacute treatment focuses on early rehabilitation through the patient’s release home or to a long-term care facility. The third phase is chronic treatment for which there are two categories: rehabilitation within the community and long-term consequences. The disabilities for patients with moderate to severe brain injury can last throughout life. Therefore, the patient, family and caregivers are all involved in the design and implementation of chronic TBI treatment.

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