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Truck Accident AttorneyCalifornia truck accident lawyer Samer Habbas would like to remind his fellow drivers that there are steps that they can take to avoid becoming another truck accident statistic. With so many 18-wheelers on our state’s streets and highways, he would like to offer the following driving safety tips:

  1. 1. Report aggressive truck drivers

If you see a truck driver who is reckless, aggressive, drifting from one lane to another or otherwise driving erratically, note the truck’s license plate number if you can and report it to the police. No cell phone? Get off at the next exit and call from a gas station. Doing so might save lives.


  1. 2. Maintain your vehicle properly

Staying on top of vehicle maintenance ensures that your brakes, steering, suspension and other important features will perform properly when trying to evade unexpected situations. Plus, it saves money over time by addressing small problems before they can become large and expensive ones.


  1. 3. Respect the truck’s blind spot

Big rigs have large blind spots on both sides, so don’t ever try to pass on the right, don’t travel in the blind spots for extended periods of time and if you drive a small car, respect the blind spot directly in front of a truck.


  1. 4. Don’t follow too closely

Don’t tailgate trucks because there is another blind spot directly behind them. They have an excellent field of view from their height, and if you’re right on their tail, you don’t. If they brake suddenly for any reason, the trailer will peel the top right off your car.


  1. 5. Be extra careful on interstate ramps

EnteringCalifornia’s busy freeways requires lots of merging, and since these big rigs can’t stop on a dime, make sure you allow plenty of space when merging in front of one.


Long Beach truck accident lawyer Samer Habbas hopes that these reminders will help prevent you from becoming another accident statistic. However, if you’re involved in a truck accident, call Southern California truck accident attorney Samer Habbas at 888.848.5084 to schedule a free consultation.