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Bus Accident Lawyer LAAn article about a city bus accident that was published in the Metropolitan News-Enterprise discusses the case of an elderly woman who was struck and injured by a Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus. In cases where someone has been injured or killed in an accident caused by someone working for a local, city or county agency, they may wish to pursue a municipal claim to offset the expenses of recovery, pain and suffering, damages and other associated costs. Here is some information on how to pursue a municipal claim:

  • Don’t delay. Under California’s Tort Claims Act, a municipal claim for money or damages must be filed within six months of the date of an occurrence.
  • Obtain a claim form. Anyone wishing to file a claim form can either download the form from the website of the city or county; pick up the form at the office of the city or county attorney or by calling the office and requesting that a form be mailed.
  • Wait for confirmation. Once the claim is filed, a confirmation letter will be sent from the municipal office that provides the claim number and contact information of the investigator assigned to the case. Under California law, an agency has 45 days to investigate a claim. Once the investigator has determined the outcome of the claim, the claimant is notified of the decision.
  • If your claim is denied, contact an experienced California municipal claims attorney. If the claim is denied, there is a six-month period from the date of the denial to file an appeal. However, due to the complexity of municipal claims, it is generally recommended to have the counsel and assistance of an experienced municipal claim lawyer.

If you believe that you have a valid municipal claim, contact the Law Offices of Samer Habbas. Mr. Habbas has years of personal injury experience, including municipal claims and he will guide you through the legal process so that you can recover maximum compensation for your injuries.

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