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personal injury lawyerAs a plaintiff in a personal injury suit, you may have to give a deposition.  At your deposition, the opposing party’s attorney will have an opportunity to ask you questions while you are under oath. All Orange County personal injury attorneys agree that how you dress and act at your deposition are important. Your deposition is where the opposing counsel will form first impressions of you. These impressions will have far-reaching implications for your case: if you appear weak and unprepared, the opposing counsel can expect an easy victory.

Dress and Appearance

Dressing in a flashy manner or ill-fitting clothes will distract from your testimony and make it difficult for the opposing counsel to take you seriously. The same goes for unconventional hairstyles and excessive make-up or jewelry. You should be hygienic (e.g. making sure you have no body odor) and your clothes should be neatly pressed and not wrinkled.

Your Orange County personal injury attorney will be able to assist you in making the right decisions about what to wear to your deposition. If you have any questions about a specific article of clothing, you can ask your attorney.

Attitude and Decorum

In addition you must also be on your best behavior and be prepared to give your testimony. Treat the opposing counsel and anyone else at your deposition with respect. Be familiar with the information you must testify about and be prepared to exhibit the injuries that you have suffered. Finally, behave with decorum and do not get too casual or informal with the opposing counsel.

Following these guidelines you will create a strong first impression on the opposing counsel, and you and your Orange County personal injury attorney will be that much closer to a positive verdict.

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