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No one heads out from their home with the thought, “This would be a great day for an accident!” Even if you consider yourself a defensive driver, you can’t anticipate every move your fellow drivers will make. Add in other unforeseen factors, such as weather or road damage, and it’s clear that an accident can happen at any time.Motorcycle Accident Attorney

This doesn’t mean you should avoid driving, but rather be aware of your responsibilities in the event of an accident. That means gathering evidence in the aftermath of an accident to present to your Los Angeles accident attorney. This can help your lawyer build a strong case for your claim.

Point Of Impact Photos

One of the first questions your attorney will ask you is if you took any pictures at the scene of the accident. Cell phone cameras make it easy to snap pictures at the scene. First, make sure there are no injuries that require immediate medical attention. You should take as many pictures as possible. Pictures could prove vital with regard to determining who is at fault.

Damage Photos

Obviously, you want to document the specific damage to car. Try to get photos at a variety of focal lengths to insure you’re getting the true sense of the damage. Think close, medium and wide.

Road Condition Photos

It will also help your accident attorney if you can provide road condition photos at the time of the accident. Coming back the next day when the snow has melted or the sun is out might not support your case.

Injury Photos

If you or anyone in your car has sustained injuries, these should be documented with photos as well. Those first snapshots can occur in the emergency room and follow throughout the healing process. It might take several hours for a bruise to appear and you want to make sure you can provide your lawyer with a complete set of injury photos.

Additional Evidence

There will be additional evidence provided by police officers, doctors and insurance adjusters. However, the “instant” photos that you can provide within moments of the accident could become the cornerstone of your claim.

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