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According to the Institute for Highway Safety’s Highway (IIHS) Loss Data Institute, 37,133 motor vehicle fatalities were reported in 2017. The three states with the highest number of fatalities were California, Texas and Florida. The majority of fatal collisions involved a single vehicle rather than multiple vehicles. Most of the crashes involving fatalities, involve a drunk driver.

The reality is that every time you get behind the wheel, there is a likelihood that you will be involved in a collision. There is also the chance that the crash could involve fatalities. If you or someone you love is involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident, it is important that you know what to do.

First Focus on Your Health and Safety

Any motor vehicle involving injuries can be serious – especially those involving fatalities. If you are involved in such a tragic crash, it is important that you remain in your car, if possible, and wait for paramedics to arrive. Getting out of your car can result in additional injuries. It is best to stay with your seat belt buckled and let the paramedics remove it for you and assess any injuries you may have sustained.

It is also important for you to listen to any advice given by the paramedics. If they recommend that you should immediately be taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, it is important that you listen and go. If the paramedics advise you to instead follow up with a family doctor, then do that. The important thing is that a doctor examines you. You may feel fine at the scene of the crash or immediately after, but symptoms of certain injuries, such as a head injury or internal bleeding, may not immediately surface. 

If You’re Okay, Take Care of Other Important Matters

Even if the paramedics cleared you of any immediate life-threatening injuries, you should still go to the hospital. If the collision was severe enough to seriously injure or kill someone else, you may have hidden injuries that you or the paramedics may not be aware of. 

Other steps you should take if you choose to remain at the scene of an accident include taking as many photographs as possible. You should also exchange information with all parties involved in the crash. You will also want to get the contact information for any eye witnesses to the accident. It is also important for you to talk to the police and provide them with information about the collision. 


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If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident caused by a negligent party, you may be entitled to compensation. As a family member of a loved one who died in an accident, you may also be entitled to compensation. To ensure you get the full money damages you deserve, you need to consult with and hire a Los Angeles accident attorney.

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