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Motorbike Accident On The City StreetNot all motorcycle accidents settle during negotiation talks or mediation and will thus need to be litigated in court. If your claim has not settled but has proceeded to trial, your Irvine motorcycle accident attorney may need you to testify at your trial.

The majority of people are not comfortable testifying on the stand. In fact, for most this is a scary idea altogether. While it is normal to be nervous about testifying in court, you need to be prepared to give a solid testimony to make the jury believe your side of the story. Below are some tips you should consider in preparing for your testimony.

  1. Arrive to court on time, or even earlier. You do not need the additional stress of running late and risking not making it to court on time.
  2. Be familiar with the details of your case. The more familiar you are with the facts of your case, the more confident you will appear in the eyes of the judge and jury when answering questions while taking the stand at your trial.
  3. Have proper body language and demeanor. Your sitting posture and overall body language reveal a lot about who you are, what you are saying, and whether the jury should believe you. So your Irvine motorcycle accident attorney will want you to sit in the “power position” by sitting three-quarters back on your chair, leaning back slightly and resting your hands on the arms of your chair.
  4. Do not answer any questions unless you clearly understand what is being asked. You should ask for further clarification whenever necessary.
  5. Be polite to both the judge and the opposing attorney. The jury will judge you and what you have to say based upon how you treat the opposing attorney and the judge. So, be courteous, even if the opposing attorney is giving you a hard time on the stand.

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