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Personal injury lawyer-Samer HabbasIf you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you may be dealing with an insurance carrier who denies your claims. Some policyholders have their claims rejected and do not contest or appeal them because they assume that’s the end of the process. However, some insurance companies are less than scrupulous and will reject valid claims. An Irvine personal injury attorney may be able to help you if this has happened to you. Here are some signs that a denial letter from your insurer is improper:

  • The insurance company does not provide you with any copies of the policies under which it is denying your coverage.
  • The letter of denial refers to certain exclusions or conditions in the policy that do not pertain to your claim.
  • The insurance company fails to refer to any specific policies or provisions.
  • The letter of denial quotes language from its policies that is not actually in the policies.
  • The insurance company has never met with the policyholder.
  • The insurance company claims to reserve its rights to assert as-yet-unstated policy defenses in the future.
  • The letter of denial fails to state facts specific to your case in explaining the rejection.
  • The insurance company asks you for more information about your case, even though they are already rejecting your claim.
  • Along with denying the claim, the insurance company attempts to retroactively cancel its policy coverage, and claims that the policyholder made material misstatements when seeking insurance.

If you suspect your claim for coverage may have been wrongfully denied, contact Irvine personal injury attorney Samer Habbas for a free case evaluation.