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Auto AccidentYour Orange County auto accident lawyer will view your hospital emergency room records as a vital piece of information in the investigation of your lawsuit. This record is usually the first actual documentation of your injury, and it details your immediate medical condition. In addition, the record will have an accurate timestamp of when you arrived at the hospital. This may later prove to be relevant, especially when the time of the accident is at issue.

Your Orange County auto accident lawyer will obtain your emergency room records for you. Before he can do that, he will need to get certain identifying information from you, such as your date of birth and Social Security number. You may also have to sign a release of medical information. The hospital may charge a fee for the medical records.

Your emergency room records will probably contain a description of your history and the accident. You, a family member, or a police officer may have provided this information. If this information was given by a family member or officer, it’s hearsay and thus will probably not be admissible as evidence in court. Nevertheless, it can still be important to your case.

The content may include your account of the pain or injuries you suffered as a result of the car accident. Unfortunately, the account may not be complete: injuries such as back and neck problems tend to get overlooked when there are more visible injuries like heavy bleeding or bone fractures. The record will also detail prior medical conditions, current medications, medical diagnosis, course of treatment, and recommended follow-ups.

It’s also important for your lawyer to obtain a copy of the hospital bill, since it can be a measure of damages.

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