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Just when you thought it was safe to drive in any vehicle other than a Toyota, the subject of 15-passenger van rollovers is still a major concern among our Orange County residents. Summer is approaching with schools, community groups and churches heading to beaches, camps and hotels. Unsuspecting passengers will assume that because these vans are large and heavy they are the safest vehicles on the road. That misconception couldn’t be more far from the truth according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

In May 2009 the NHTSA issued yet another warning about these death trap vehicles. Research done by the NHTSA has shown that these vans have a higher risk of rollover than any other passenger vehicle, especially when a van full of passengers and luggage. The NHTSA has provided tips to make a trip in a van a safer one; however, many of these tips are not in the control of a passenger. For example, someone cannot control a fellow passenger using their seat belt or know if the driver has proper training and experienced. In addition, how would an everyday passenger know there should not be loads on the roof and that defective or unsafe tires can cause a rollover?

In another publication by the NHTSA called Traffic Safety Notes, research has shown that the number of passengers has a major impact in the rate of rollovers. The report highlights how a van carrying ten passengers or more has tripled the chance of rolling over than a van with less than five occupants.

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