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A California judge’s ruling in a case involving the use of a Taser that caused brain damage has cleared the way for a lawsuit to proceed to trial. Lawyers for Taser International hoped for a dismissal of the claim that their product caused the victim’s heart to stop and oxygen deprivation that led to brain damage. However, the judge ruled otherwise and ordered Taser International to pay the plaintiff’s legal expenses for defending a portion of their bad faith motion.

Brain Injury attorney LawyerThe lawsuit involves a 48-year-old man with a history of mental illness who was tasered three times by police when he refused to leave a Metro bus in Santa Cruz. The complaint claims that the Taser shocks caused the man’s heart to stop beating. The lack of resuscitation caused the permanently disabling brain injuries. Taser International has steadfastly maintained that their weapons are safe to use and do not cause serious or fatal injuries. However, in fall 2009, the company issued a memo to law enforcement agencies across the country, advising officers to avoid striking suspects in the chest with the electrodes.

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