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A report about a single-car accident that claimed the life of a man illustrates how a car accident can occur anywhere at any time. A car accident can change the course of a life in an instant and the ensuing chaos and disorientation can make it very, very difficult to think clearly and know the right steps to take in the aftermath. Here are some steps to take when someone is killed in a car accident:

  • Check yourself for injuries. Before you can assist anyone else, make sure that you have not suffered any injuries in the accident. After a self-assessment to ensure that you’re all right, see if you can assist others involved in the accident. If your vehicle or parts of your vehicle are on the roadway and present a hazard to others, remove them if possible.


  • Call 911. Call 911 as soon as possible so that trained emergency response personnel can come to the scene of the accident.


  • Allow emergency response personnel to help you. You may think that you’re all right, but follow the instructions of police, EMTs and firefighters responding to the accident.


  • Do not admit guilt. Whether or not you feel that you caused the accident, let the people investigating the accident determine who was at fault.


  • Exchange accident information. If you’re able, take the names, contact and insurance information from anyone who was involved in the accident.


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