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Vicious DogThe County of Los Angeles has codified dog leash laws into its legal books. The L.A. County Department of Animal Care and Control specifies that dogs that are off the premises of their owners must be on a leash at all times. This broad ruling refers to all breeds of dogs whether they are dangerous or non-dangerous as well as all public situations.

L.A.’s Title 10 Section 10.32.010 states that no one who “owns or has charge of a dog” can let the animal “run at large.” That means leashing is a hard and fast requirement. Some dog owners apparently haven’t received the memo, some asking about leash laws on dog forums and others still allowing their dogs to roam in public areas.

Other provisions of the same Los Angeles legal codes specify other potentially dangerous situations that dog owners must avoid. For example, drivers can’t legally put a dog in the open back of a truck or similar vehicle. This part of the law relates to the same types of dangers as the overall leash law, meaning dogs that get out of the backs of vehicles can easily injure bystanders before owners have time to control them.

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