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A November 13 bus accident in Los Angeles injured several passengers according to recent news reports. The accident occurred at 8:30 in the morning near the intersection of Alameda and First Street. It involved a church bus and two other vehicles.

The accident, which happened in what residents call the “Little Tokyo” section of L.A., resulted in serious injury to four people. Six others experienced lighter injuries. Police reported that one person received treatment on the scene while the others went to various local hospitals for medical care.

personal injury lawyerAll kinds of buses, including church buses, charter buses and even school buses, pose specific risks for traffic accidents, especially in congested areas like downtown Los Angeles. Public transit buses have some of the same risks. When these larger vehicles are involved in collisions, the results often include many more injuries than a two-car accident does. The aftermath of a bus accident can be a difficult time with first responders trying to secure and stabilize numerous victims.

Those involved in bus accidents who experience catastrophic injuries often need to rely on legal assistance to build their cases and seek compensation for costs related to their injuries. Professional law firms in Orange County can help accident victims make decisions regarding the best way in which to proceed with their claims.

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