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Personal injury attorney lawyerAny experienced Orange County personal injury attorney will tell you that soft tissue injury claims are among the most difficult claims to settle. Most insurance companies train their adjusters to be wary of claims involving soft tissue injuries, as they often leave very little evidence and are therefore (in the insurance adjuster’s mind) easy to fake. Here are some difficulties that may affect the value of your personal injury case:

One major difficulty arises from the fact that soft tissue injuries do not require much treatment from a doctor. Often, all your doctor will be able to do for a soft tissue injury is tell you to rest and possibly prescribe you a regimen of painkillers and heating pads. Soft tissue injuries rarely leave much of a paper trail signifying medical treatments rendered, and experienced Orange County personal injury attorneys frequently encounter adjusters who try to point to lack of documentation as proof that your injury never really existed. They may then try to pass off your medical expenses are “build up” (insurance industry jargon for unnecessary medical treatments claimants undergo to fraudulently increase the value of their claim), knowing that more medical bills usually means a larger settlement.

Since soft tissue injuries are often treated at home (with painkillers and bed rest), your attorney does not have hospital stay bills to negotiate when they are handling soft tissue injury claims. Insurance adjusters often do not take injuries that were not treated in the hospital very seriously, as they associated serious injuries with extended hospital stays. However, this faith that insurance adjusters put in hospitals means that this particular roadblock might be mitigated if you received the initial diagnoses in a hospital and received at least some treatment there.

The last difficulty arises when you have a lot of medical expenses that came from diagnosing your injury rather than treating it. Generally insurance adjusters give less weight to medical expenses that are not spent directly on treating your injury. Obviously, this puts soft tissue injury claims at a distinct disadvantage, as often extensive diagnostic procedures are necessary to make sure that the pain is not coming from another, more serious source.

These factors are part of why you need an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney on your side when pursuing such a claim. Call Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today at 888-848-5084 for a free initial consult.