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Personal injury attorney lawyerWhile the insurance claims process is ostensibly supposed to be about the extent of your injuries and the liability of the other party, experienced Orange County personal injury attorneys know that other factors can and do affect the claims process. In particular, there are several common factors regarding your medical bills that may lead to an unfair suspicion of fraud.

The first such factor is the reputation of your treating physician. There may be a good explanation for a physician who frequently moves his practice or who has been referred to you by an attorney. However, this will raise major red flags for the insurance adjuster, who may suspect that physician of engaging in illicit activities, such as providing falsified testimony for fraudulent claimants. These cases may be referred to the insurance company’s investigative department, and negotiations may stall as a result.

Another factor that can garner undue adjuster scrutiny is an unusual medical bill. There may be extenuating factors that result in your medical bills being much higher than they typically would be, but the insurance adjuster will immediately suspect fraud if the bill is for an amount atypical for that injury.

If any of these factors pertain to your case, your personal injury attorney must be prepared to explain them. Make sure you have an experience Orange County personal injury attorney prepared to advocate for you and get you the settlement you actually deserve, regardless of how your case may look to the insurance company. Call Samer Habbas, dedicated personal injury attorney in Orange County, today for a free initial consultation.