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Personal injury attorney lawyerMost of the money you receive from an Orange County personal injury claim goes towards your medical care. Your medical care thus affects the amount of money you will receive for your case. The medical records that accumulate over the course of your medical treatment are used when evaluating your settlement and are used to determine the severity and nature of your injury.

These records include any records of your visits to your doctor or physical therapist. Sometimes, your Orange County personal injury attorney may request that your physician fill out a narrative report describing the aspects of your case that are not immediate apparent from your records. The more thorough the documentation of your injury, the stronger your personal injury claim becomes.

The certainty expressed by your healthcare providers in their reports is also a concern. Reports in which your doctor uses a lot of qualifiers such as “maybe” or “possibly” may hurt your case more than they help, and reports that describe your injuries as “dubious” may be incredibly damaging to your case. Conversely, reports that express certainty as to the cause and severity of your injury will strengthen your case.

The other major determinant of the value of your personal injury case is the medical bills you incur because of your injury. Insurance companies put a large amount of value on medical bills and will consider both their amount and their source. In general, insurance companies will place a greater value for medical bills incurred by a doctor’s treatment rather than bills incurred by treatment by a physical therapist or a chiropractor. Insurance companies tend to be skeptical of treatment from non-doctors.

In addition, insurance companies tend to weigh medical bills from treatment more heavily than bills from diagnosis. These bills are still important but are less valuable to your personal injury attorney as leverage during settlement negotiations.

If your injury and the expenses it incurred are well documented, an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney will be able to secure a fair settlement for you. Call dedicated Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today at 888-848-5084 for a free initial consultation.