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The insurance adjuster in an Orange County pedestrian accident case will pay close attention to the claimant’s medical records, and any inconsistencies may lead him or her to suspect that the injuries claimed are exaggerated. Here are some of the discrepancies that may arouse adjuster suspicion.


  • Discrepancies between the claimant’s account of the Orange County pedestrian accident and the medical reports. An adjuster will look for the claimant’s account of the accident in any medical reports and compare it to the account the claimant gave the insurance company. Most adjusters believe that claimants are more candid in speaking to medical personnel, and differing stories of the accident suggest that the claimant is not being entirely truthful.
  • Discrepancies between the treatment received and the doctor’s statements in the medical report. Adjusters are wary of over-treatment, especially in cases of soft tissue damage or other subjective complaints. They think that over-treatment is an attempt to overstate the damages in order to demand a higher settlement. Cases in which the injury is not supported by objective medical tests or is supported only by tests which have not been accepted by the scientific community will make the adjuster suspicious.
  • Discrepancies between physical description and claimed disability. If the medical report indicates that the claimant is tan and muscular or has calloused hands indicative of physical labor, but the claimant says that he or she can’t do any physical activity, the adjuster will be skeptical.


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