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In a tragic recent accident in South Los Angeles, a local woman was killed after being hit by first a truck and then a public Metro transit bus. The accident occurred in the early evening on December 18 according to new reports. Bystanders said that the driver of the truck disappeared.

Truck Accident LawyerIn sad cases like this, liability has to be established among the various different vehicles involved. Police work will determine the exact facts of the case and the portion of injury caused by each vehicle. When public transit vehicles are involved, the municipality is often a party to any eventual settlement, and insurance companies often get involved as well.

Fatal traffic accidents almost always require extensive research after the fact to determine liability and help the grieving families of victims. Those experienced in traffic violations and accidents know that, unfortunately, what ends up in the police report isn’t always the whole story. Families often rely on skilled attorneys to help them address the issues of the case and bring a lawsuit against negligent parties.

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