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Los Angeles news reports show that a local resident died early the morning of September 20 after a Metrolink train hit the individual at Jurupa Avenue between the Riverside and Pedley stations while passing through the greater Los Angeles metro area.

Just before 5:00 a.m., officials reported the accident, which many Los Angeles television stations have picked up. The reports do not include any news of injuries to passengers. Details are not completely clear on the Metrolink accident. Passenger rerouting caused some delays on the morning commute.

Tragic accidents like this one often affect commuters and others across the greater Los Angeles area. Sometimes, inattention to safety, improper driver training, lack of barriers or safety equipment or other negligence can contribute to injuries or fatalities in suburban or urban Los Angeles. Public transit, though very much needed, can include some significant dangers and risks. Every so often, a family ends up seeking qualified Los Angeles legal representation for a wrongful death case that involves public transit or some other aspect of public health and safety.

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