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motorcycle accidentCalifornia motorcycle riders may be on the lookout for dangers related to car and truck drivers, but there’s one thing that some of them might miss: the dangers of collisions with local trains.In a website containing safety information resources, Southern California’s Metrolink commuter train service provides motorcycle drivers and other motorists with some educational data and tips for remaining safe near rail crossings.

One item pointed out by the Metrolink site is the top speed of trains: rail cars operate at speeds up to 90 mph. According to Metrolink, that means that the trains can take up to ½ mile to come to a full stop. For some motorcyclists, knowing more about the facts of commuter trains can help prevent actions that can result in severe injury or fatality. Metrolink cautions all drivers, motorcycle riders, bicyclists and pedestrians never to go through a railroad crossing when warning signals or closed gates indicate the arrival of a train. Even if a train is not immediately visible, says the site, there’s still a danger of collision. A stopped train on one track can potentially hide an oncoming train on another rail track.

Despite the best security practices of public transit officials, heavy traffic and other roadside realities can lead to significant health and safety risks, some of which involve interaction with trains and railroad crossings. If you have sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident involving a commuter train or other vehicle, call our Southern Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer, Samer Habbas. He can speak with you about your options under the law. Call 888-848-5084 get legal assistance from an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve.