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Personal injury lawyer-Samer habbasThe Desert Sun reports that two woman were injured in a Cathedral Springs car accident. According to news reports, the accident occurred when a Mazda minivan driven by one of the woman turned left in front of the path of an oncoming sedan. The sedan broadsided the minivan, causing the minivan to roll over.

When emergency responders arrived, they found the minivan balanced on its roof and the driver trapped inside. Emergency crews were able to free the driver. Both the driver of the minivan and the driver of the sedan suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Minivans are susceptible to rollover accidents because their design makes them more top-heavy and unstable than a normal car. The reason? A minivan has the same wheel base as a normal car, but is usually much taller. The added height raises the center of gravity and makes a rollover more likely for the minivan in the event of a collision.

Although minivans have somewhat better rollover statistics than an SUV or a pickup, the popular minivan is still more likely to suffer rollover accident than a sedan. Regardless of vehicle type, rollover accidents are very dangerous to driver and passenger alike. Thankfully, in this case the driver of the minivan was not seriously injured.

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