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Personal Injury ClaimsSome accident victims often fall into the trap of assuming their injuries are too minor to justify filing a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, in some cases, what may seem like a minor injury at the beginning, can eventually turn into a major health problem and with a serious impact on your life. This means that it is important for you to explore all of your legal options after getting into an accident that was caused by another party.

Minor Leg Injuries Leading to Major Health Problem

One of the most common injuries sustained in accidents, especially slip and fall accidents, are leg injuries.
Common leg injuries sustained in car accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents or sports
accidents include:
– Bumps
– Bruises
– Sprains
– Muscle tears
– Broken bones
In most cases, these injuries tend to heal with relatively little trouble. However, even a minor leg injury can significantly increase your risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a type of blood clot that could result in serious issues.

What Is Deep Vein Thrombosis?

A blood clot generally develops whenever a blood vessel is damaged. When a clot forms near the surface
of the skin, it is typically not dangerous. However, if the blood clot develops under the skin, it is known
as deep vein thrombosis or DVT. Common signs and symptoms of DVT include:
– Swelling
– Pain or tenderness
– Feelings of warmth
– Redness or discoloration
– Raised veins

The symptoms of DVT are not painful and severe in and of themselves. However, the issue surrounding DVT is that the clot can break loose and move to different parts of the leg and even the body. If the DVT reaches vital organs, such as the heart or lungs, it can result in major health problems and complications.
This is particularly why it is important to always seek medical attention after an accident, even if you think your symptoms are not serious. Even a seemingly minor injury can result in a major health complication.

Do Not Settle Your Case Until You Reach Maximum Medical Recovery

The potential for leg injuries to result in DVT problems – and other minor injuries turning into major health problems – makes the settlement of personal injury claim very important. It is best to wait to settle your accident claim until you have reached the point of maximum medical recovery. You will reach maximum medical recovery when you have recovered as completely as possible from the injuries you have suffered in the accident. Only at this point will you know the complete impact the accident will have on your life.
An experienced Los Angeles accident attorney will be able to help you realize when to accept a settlement from the insurance adjuster. Your attorney will have your best interest and will make sure you get the full compensation that you deserve.

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

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