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motorcycle accidentAccording to the Los Angeles Times, Southern California’s pilot study of motorcycle accidents has stalled for lack of funding. The pilot program, the first in over twenty years, has successfully collected data from over 50 motorcycle accidents.The next phase of the project is an assessment of its effectiveness. Unfortunately, that next step may never come due to funding issues. Currently the study is short at least two million dollars. The last major study of motorcycle accident data in the United States was completed in 1981.

For now, law makers and safety experts will have to be satisfied with the data gathered from a decade old European study. The Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study (MAIDS) gathered information from motorcycle crashes in Europe. The study was updated with information from five countries and focused on fatal motorcycle crashes.

The MAIDS studies may be problematic for use in the United States due to different driving patterns and the different models of motorcycle available for use. Even with these differences some general observations may be gleaned from the data.

One trend noticed in the European data that may be all too applicable to California driving conditions is the observation that major roadways pose the greatest risks to motorcyclists. Heavy traffic combines with the motorcycle’s small size to make freeway travel a dicey proposition for riders.

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