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Every personal injury attorney has a slightly different approach towards negotiating, but exceptional Orange County personal injury attorneys will take some important steps often overlooked by others.

Personal injury attorneyAn exceptional Orange County personal injury attorney will try to meet with the insurance adjuster in person. Meeting with the claims adjuster allows your attorney to make sure the adjuster is giving due attention to your case and evaluating it fairly. An exceptional personal injury attorney may need to make reasonable concessions in order to secure a fact to face meeting, such as meeting at the insurance office or at some other “neutral” location.

An exceptional personal injury attorney is comfortable with using non-traditional techniques when negotiating a settlement. Sometimes a little “out of the box” thinking will be required to get the insurance adjuster to see things your way. For example, a video of you performing your daily routine may be able to explain how your injuries have affected your quality of life far better than a narrative account could.

Lastly, an exceptional personal injury attorney knows when it would be beneficial to enlist the services of a mediator rather than go to court. Using a mediator is not always the best decision, but a personal injury attorney needs to recognize when it would be preferable to the costly process of going to court.

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