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Insurance companies often pressure individuals who have been injured in an accident to give a recorded statement. The adjusters will act like it is common practice, and even expected and required, for a claimant to give a recorded statement. They may treat the individual who refuses to give a statement as if they are doing something wrong.

Quite the contrary, an insurance adjuster cannot force you to give a recorded statement, especially if you are represented by a Riverside personal injury attorney. In fact, giving any type of statement without first consulting with your attorney may negatively impact the outcome of your claim.

Insurance companies have only one goal, and that is to avoid paying claims. In furtherance of this goal, they will do everything they can to talk to you “on the record” before you are protected by an attorney so that any slip of the tongue or lapse of memory can be later used against you. The more you have to explain yourself, the less focus on the wrongful conduct of the other party. Even a vague question answered in a vague manner may be an opportunity for the insurance company or the opposing party at trial to accuse you of misstating the truth.

The bottom line is that you should never give a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster without the advice and guidance of your Riverside personal injury attorney. Courteously, but firmly, turn down the adjuster’s request for a recorded statement. If the adjuster continues harassing you for a statement, tell him or her to talk to your attorney.

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