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Car-accident AttorneyWith the high rates of injury and even death resulting from cell phone calling and texting, many of today’s large telecommunication companies are getting serious about addressing the risks of these mobile devices. A January 20 New York Times story shows that national giant T-Mobile has a new technology that will temporarily interrupt service for customers whose phones are in a moving vehicle. Many other companies are currently working currently to replicate this kind of service for their customers.

Although safety advocates generally contend that this new technology will help lower accident rates related to distracted driving due to calls or texts, concerns remain. Some consumer groups might feel that the extra charges related to the service are somewhat unnecessary. There are also reports coming from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a top safety agency, that some of the current applications for controlling cell phones at high speed are difficult to use and easy to override. However, the phone companies are continuing to work on solutions to help lower the statistics on all of the serious injuries and deaths that occur because drivers simply weren’t paying attention to the road.

All of this comes at the same time that many U.S. states are setting up more sophisticated fault systems for auto insurance. A system called comparative negligence can factor in cell phone use as a specific liability for any driver who is involved in a roadside collision, regardless of whether his or her vehicle technically caused the crash.

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