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Using a bicycle to get around the greater Los Angeles area can be difficult, but, according to some experienced bikers, it’s not impossible. A recent New York Times story focuses on reporter Seth Kugel attempting a trip around the City of Angels using a bicycle to see how a cash-strapped visitor would experience the city on a budget.

personal injury lawyerThe New York Times feature story shows an interesting take on how to experience Los Angeles, but it also points out some of the major challenges of navigating this sprawling city on a bicycle and the prime reasons that L.A. maintains, as the author calls it, a “car culture.” The plain fact is that relatively inaccessible bike lanes combined with the huge volume of traffic on both freeways and side streets make it pretty challenging to hold your own on a two-wheeled vehicle with no engine. Bike riders need to move defensively through traffic consisting of too many car and truck drivers who may be inattentive, distracted or simply ignorant about the laws of sharing the road.

What the article doesn’t mention, barring some descriptions of heavy traffic around neighborhoods like Koreatown, is the high incidence of injury for bicyclists accidents caused by aggressive, distracted or incompetent drivers. Each year, many accident victims in Southern California deal with problems such as high medical bills and lost wages when they do not pursue a lawsuit against the negligent party.

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