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Motorbike Accident LawyerA primary government safety agency is enlisting the help of individual motorcycle drivers to help educate others and promote safer roadways across America. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, has produced a program for motorcycle riders called the “Riders Helping Riders” initiative. The intention of this program is to encourage bikers to reach out to other motorcyclists who have a risk of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This peer-to-peer initiative is likely to help motorcycle communities around the U.S. deal with the unique risks posed by an intoxicated or otherwise impaired motorcyclist.

Qualified motorcycle accident lawyers are ready to assist motorists, bikers or others injured in accidents that are often tragic. After an accident, victims have to deal with high medical bills, lost wages and other costs. Attorneys can use their skills, experience and knowledge in order to help victims pursue a lawsuit against the negligent party.

The extremely congested roads throughout California and the rest of the country have significant risks for a motorcycle rider. If you have sustained injury in a motorcycle accident, talk to our Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer, Samer Habbas. When you have experienced financial hardship and pain and suffering after an accident, Mr. Habbas can help you seek the compensation you deserve. He will pay close attention to your needs and explain all relevant laws to guide you through the process. Call The Law Offices of Samer Habbas at 888-848-5084 to get skilled legal representation for your motorcycle accident case.